Happy Memories

Waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes

Waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes

Why are so many romantic novels based in Italy (like Tuscany) or the countryside of France or so on. Why not in Croatia? Why is there in general not so much talk about the beauty of Croatia, and if there is, it’s mostly praising the seaside? Why didn’t I ever before go to that country – though I have been dreaming of that, but only going to the beaches and islands. Never did it cross my mind to go to Zagreb nor the countryside of Croatia.


But luckily I ended up going there. I spent two weeks in Zagreb, which is a lovely, lively green city, and had much to offer. On (only) one day I paid a visit to the countryside. Next time (there WILL be next time, if it’s up to me!) I’ll definitely rent a house from somewhere close to Plitvice Lakes, in some village which the river Korana flows through, and just stay there and write and praise the beauty of the area.

IMG_20150425_173636Because it is so beautiful that you can’t close your eyes. It’s like being in a fairy tale (last few months I’ve managed to be in so many breathtaking places that I guess my whole life has been a dream). It’s chrystal clear water, waterfalls, deep green forests, hills and rolling landscape, peace (if you avoid going there during the high season – I actually would NOT even think of going there in the high season at all; can imagine it would be wayyyyyy too crowded). There’s everything that romantic novels are about. It’s everything that love could be about.

So. If you have no idea of where to head next, concider Croatia. But avoid it from May to August. I was lucky enough to be there in April. From Zagreb you reach the nature park of Plitvice in about 2,5 hours by bus – and a return ticket costs only about 14 euros (NOTICE: you might wanna concider going there on your own. It’s easy and cheap. I saw lot of tourists groups down there and felt so good being free, NOT forced to walk around in a group and paying way too much for the trip). Additionally you have to pay a fee to enter the amazing lake and waterfall area, but it’s all worth it. I recommend to walk the longest route, if you are fit enough (it’s a very easy hike, takes about 6 hours with breaks and moments of admiring the scenery). When I was there the longest route was partly closed but I’m stubborn, so I just went through the „gates“ (there are no gates, just signs saying do not cross). At one point had to take off my shoes and walk about 5 meters through the water. I actually feel a bit bad – it’s forbidden to swim there, so I guess it’s also forbidden to walk in the water.


In general my picture of Croatia has changed. I find it very interesting country. And not at all because of the paradise islands or beaches (which I haven’t even seen yet), but because of the beauty and friendly atmosphere. Go go, and say ho ho! I wanted to go from Croatia to Bosnia Herzegovna, but my nose decided to point at my old hometown and the city of my heart: Munich. Paying only 29 euros for a bus ticket I found myself sitting on a bus heading from Zagreb to Munich. In Munich it was freezing cold and rainy, but no question that it was more than worth it of going there. Managed to surprise ALL my friends by appearing in front of them one night. It was a never-will-I-forget-this-moment. Spent four lovely days in Munich meeting most (but unfortunately not all, sorry, next time!) my dear people and walking around the city and even seeing the kids from the kindergarten where I used to work..


I’m stuffed with good memories. Right now very happy in Iceland. Greetings to all!



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